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timeless awards 2016

Timeless Design bi-Annual Design & Competition Awards for 2016-17

A new insight into subjects with cultural implications for the arts as well as the sciences.

1 Gifted Person, 2 Best Photograph, 3 Humorous Cartoon, 4 Best Planned Map (Coming Soon)

1 Gifted Person Design Award, there is no prize money, only the Award, a certificate showing an engraved crystal plaque image will be sent to the winner. Plus any World Wide Web-Site Publicity that Mumfordbooks & Guides can provide.

1. The award will be offered bi-annually and announced early autumn
every two years. It will consist of a specially commissioned crystal
glass engraved plaque certificate as shown.

2. The award candidate(s) will be chosen by a panel comprising of
not more than 5 people. It should be decided by a majority vote. In
the event of a tie, the Chairman will have a casting vote.

3. Only the Chairman’s name will appear on our Web Site. To avoid
generating any biased pressures, the names of the other members of
the panel will remain confidential.

4. To qualify for the design award, the book must satisfy the following
(i) It must be in publication in or before the year of the award.
(ii) It should throw fresh light, or have an insight into
subjects of cultural implications in the arts as well as the sciences.
(iii) It should have received complimentary reviews in a range of
(iv) We are especially interested in promoting serious
non-fiction books, well written and illustrated, or quality designed web sites.

Our Announcement for year’s 2016-17 will be late-Autumn. As an antiquarian business, we are especially interested in books where the author employs originality, linking the past with the present. As an antiquarian book dealer, I am always interested in finding that special book full of fresh intellectual material, likely to become a classic. I feel that author Dr. Syed Jan Abas’s book: “Symmetries of Islamic Geometrical Patterns” falls into this category are pioneering and unique. Other winner for Timeless Award for 2011-12 was Dave Mills for his excellent web site www.mprints.com for Engineering and Links to Society, a professional engineer who has been secretary and chairman to several societies in North Wales.

This is the first time engineering has been represented by the ‘Timeless Design Awards’ and is long overdue as we should value the ‘old trades’ so that younger generations should have an insight into the past and take them into the future with a shared blueprint of knowledge.

Our Timeless Award for 2013-14 goes to another web site www.bigbigtrain.com Big Big Train is an English progressive rock band, founded in 1990. Based in Bournemouth, England, the band members are Nick D’Virgilio, Dave Gregory, David Longdon, Danny Manners, Andy Poole and Gregory Spawton.

Some of their many tracks like Goodbye_To_The_Age_of_Steam, and English_Electric_Part_One & Two (album). “Timeless Award” to be presented to David Longdon and his Big,Big Train Group. For this year 2014-15, for display a Crystal Logo for their web site. For their outstanding musical performance and there unique presentations and historical locations.

Our aim is to use the world-wide-web to collect general knowledge for family and research purposes. We try to help educate and promote understanding on our web site. One way is to promote that “special book”, or creative work, please nominate your choice for the “Timeless Design Award” every other year. We welcome your comments. Anyone can nominate their own special Timeless Book, Web Design or special person(s) just list your reasons. Good luck.

“Timeless Design Award 2013-14” is expanding our Book award with a two further categories interesting “Unique People Award”, “Best New Web Site”, “Best Photograph”, and “Best Planned Map”. This will encourage my work with landscape-guides and my fondness and passion for meeting and sharing real-life stories. You may be aware I have conducted a number of informal filmed interviews with selected experts who have wealth of experience to share. I hope to interview many like-minded people who have a unique contribution to make. If you are interested in contributing further, please get in touch with me here Mike Mumford.


These multi-dimensional designs look at page layout colours, textures, patterns, symbols, a visual feast of pattern and meaning. Every two years the selection will be changed. There is no prize money or glass trophy. The winner will receive a Timeless Book Award Certificate, free publicity, using their symbol on web sites of their choice. Promoted and Sponsored by Michael R Mumford -mumfordbooks

Most of us like to create and have a visual eye from an early age. Some of us inherit this gift through our family genes. Hopefully with this early advantage, we develop and hone our skills to a higher level and become more artistic and productive. Luckily for some, this process starts at school. Through education and learning we begin on life’s journey, preparing for the many twists and turns that come our way.

We have inherited from many cultures, starting with the Greeks and Romans, quickly followed by all the corners of the ancient world. By using the best examples of civilisation, we must avoid the black holes of ignorance, avoiding a dumbing down to the lowest common denominator, but widen and broaden people’s understanding.

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Closing date each year 4th November.

Timeless Design Bi-Annual Design Awards for 2016-17 OPEN NOW
Mumfordbooks Timeless Award 2015-16 our is winner John Rogers, The Poetry and Short stories, for his services to Literature.


Download our 4 page Word document “The English Language-Why is it so Rich” by John Rogers.

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At The Surgery


My name comes up above reception,
No longer time for self-deception.
My back is bent, my breath is short.
The surgery is my last resort.
The doctor stands, “Good morning John.
Just how have you been getting on?”
“Oh! Fine”, I lie. It isn’t true.
I cannot sleep the whole night through.
My prostate swells, my muscles shrink.
I really don’t know what to think.
He sounds my chest, looks down my throat;
His voice sounds distant and remote.
“Take two a day at morn and eve.”
We both stand up; I take my leave.
Dear Lord, with all my ageing ills,
I find I’m kept alive with pills!

©JMDR 21/07/12 (between 6 and 6.30 am)

Services to Literature-Timeless Book Award 2015-16

Published Mumfordbooks & Guides

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