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Respecting Chester’s Roman Heritage.

4 FREE WALKCHESTER maps two detailed street maps and the other a satellite image. Over 200 pages, 600 images, the FREE PDF download 20MB’s, the FULL VERSION 200MB.

1st street names, many carparks and toilets, some disabled

There are a least 12 public carparks, pick the nearest to your walk

Each Public House, Restaurant and Café, many now are for disabled

1 Start at Watergate (all-Day carpark), Bridge Street, Newgate,  The Castle, Grosvenor Street (Grosvenor Museum) Allow 3 hours ending at Pepper Street

LUNCH BREAK there are many places to eat or picnic around St. John’s Church

2 Start from St John’s Church, Newgate Street, (or City Wall), Eastgate Street,

Just before The Cross turn right up Northgate Street, pass the Town Hall to Northgate, join the City Wall, Water Tower, ending at Watergate Carpark

A (second all-Day carpark) is below the Chester Castle Little Roodee Carpark

You need to plan your routes in advance from Carpark and back again

For rainy day’s there are 3 Museums with 5 minutes from each other.

Please note this is a FREE Sample


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