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Reptiles and Birds Volume 5


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Translated from the French of Louis Figuier, Revised by Parker Gillore
Reptiles: Chapter I – Amphibia, or Batrachians. Chapter II Ophidian Reptiles, or true Snakes. Chapter III – The Order of Lizards-Saurians. Chapter IV – Chelonians, or shielded Reptiles.
Birds: Chapter I – The Natatores, or Swimming Birds. Chapter II – Ducks, Geese, Swans, and Pelicans. Chapter III – The Laridae. Chapter IV – Grallatores, or Wading Birds. Chapter V – Gallinaceous Birds. Chapter VI – Scansores or Climbers. Chapter VII – Passerines. Chapter VIII Rapitores, or birds of Frey. Many fine engravings. The book has a leather back with gold coinage edges and corners bestossen. The corners are likewise leathers. The book covers are veined and have some wear marks to cover and binding. The pages have a few slight stains, candle wax and endpage has a signature in ink, with 10.00 mm tare. Otherwise in good condition for it age.

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