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DOWNLOAD – Merkel Candle Notice to GB Voters from 1973 to 2017 Referendum


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DOWNLOAD A4 Quality Print: A Notice to GB Voters from 1973 to 2016-17 Referendum.

MUM3 political cartoon 1882 to 2015 showing World Trade Question Yes. Our 9 major European players: 1 The French (One for all, and all for one). 2 GB (Our British Lord). 3 Austria ( Austrian Soldier). 4 Italy (Italian Partisan). 5 Turkey (Diplomat). 6 Greece (labeled ?Greek Wine & Dine?). 7 Germany (Expanding Mind). 8 Spain (Spanish Noble).  9 European Union (Merkel 9 Candle).

(With the Euro Crisis getting ever nearer to the edge, we should take a hard look at European History.