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Cannons & Explosives Video


Cannons and Explosives FREE Movie Sample


Cannons and Explosives FREE Movie Sample

Cannons & Explosives Old & New wars GB eBook Guides.

1.3 Cannon & Explosives Introduction
2.8 Gun and Cannon Design C14th to C19th
3.7 Early Training Ships & Royal Navy Schools
4.13 Manufacturing Bronze & Iron Techniques from both North
and South Wales, Iron Bridge Telford and Carron Iron Works
Stirlingshire, Scotland
5.17 Old and New World Wars, Countries and States still using
old horse-power, early samples of new technologies being
used for the first time like: Photography, Telegraph,
Newspaper and Medical treatments and Ambulances
6.4 Land and Naval Cannon, Fortifications of Forts, many
finds Worldwide in Europe and America
7.10 La Belle the Restoration and Preservation, Ship Wrecks
Navigation and Time calibration using Noonday Guns
8.18 Gun & Cannon used in the American Civil War
9.9 Safe Manufacture and Testing of Explosives for Industry.
Personal Safety, it is illegal to manufacture explosives without
a license
10.10 Additional Information, Web Links, Adverts & Downloads
Over 400 thumbnail images, 104 pages fully interactive
Visual Index 1.1 eHistory GB Series PDF Educational Pages
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James Sharples (1825-1892): Ironworker and Artist began painting ‘The Forge’ 9 of 13
in 1844. However, it took three years to complete, because he was still working long hours at the foundry. ‘The Forge’ depicts, in Sharples’ own words, “the interior of a large workshop such as I have been accustomed to work in”.

The painting shows a group of workers directing a large iron shaft into the blazing furnace, which is attended by a smithy, whilst other operations are being carried out in the distance. The details of the painting, such as the unlit interior, the heat of the furnace, the hard manual labour required and the soiled appearance of the workers, mean that ‘The Forge’ can be seen as a shockingly matter-of-fact depiction of life within a foundry.