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Architectural Master Pieces in IV of IV Volumes Amazon Paperback


Architectural Master Pieces in IV of IV Volumes

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Here in Britain we start with Stonehenge, our most impressive prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire. Originally planned as a downloadable PDF eBook available on all Platforms. 1100+ pages, 18 Chapters. Art & Design in Architecture: made visible. A Visual Record of World Architecture, their different styles over Centuries. Over 3,300 antique prints, original paintings and up-to-date photographs. Now available in 4 volumes in easy to read paperback format.
Art & Design in Architecture: made visible; PDF Illustrated History Index; Visual Record; World Architectural design samples; Architecture gives Proportion; Balance and Harmony; Creativity across the world; History Timescale; Sample Styles & Periods; Architectural Antique Prints-Mesolithic; -Egyptian; -Greek; -Roman; Celtic Britain-Gothic; -Georgian; -Art Deco; Genuine old Prints-Roman Empire; Roman Empire East & West Maps; Early Rome Architecture Antique Prints-Rome’s Architecture; Roman’s their Lost Buildings; Rome Oil Paintings & Pompeii Ruins; Roman wall Frisco’s; Old & New Prints of Rome’s Finest Buildings; Rome-Palaces; -Churches; -Cathedrals; -Circus; -Public Baths; -Forums; -Monuments; -Gods & Emperor’s; Examples of Rome’s Finest Buildings; Examples of Old Restored and New Buildings Criteria; Perspective Drawing of Shadows; Romanesque & British Architecture; British Gothic 12th C-20th Century Buildings; Woodworking & Joinery Plans; Baroque Design 1600-1750; GB -Large Houses; -Ex Abbey’s; -Castles; -Halls; -Manors; -Mansions; Georgian Architecture 1714-1830; WALKCHESTER -Roman Past & Present; -Tourism & Shopping; WALKCHESTER; -Street-Architecture History; City wall & Street Maps; Wheelchair Museums Map; Historical Design-Pattern; -Decoration; -Ornamental; -antique examples; -good & bad example of architecture; Doors & Doorways Designs; Art Nouveau Doors; Examples of Human Creative Individualism; Collective religion community buildings; Alhambra Mediaeval Castle and Baths; Ancient; buildings were painted in Bright Colours; Byzantine Art; Irish Early Christian Art; Wooden Bar Sections; Staircase Handrails Plans; Bishop’s Lloyd’s House 1615; Watergate Rows; Norman Carved Mouldings; Gables and Carved Wood Panels; Ceilings; floors and walls; ornamental; Complex Roof Structures with Skylights Plans; Designing Staircases; Handrails for Every Occasion and Situation; Mosaics-Greek; -Roman; The Doric; Ionic and Corinthian order; Hampton Court Palace; Tudor Chimneys; Reinforcement of Mankind’s Creativity; Active Risk Assessments
All architectural historians have different viewpoints have a passion for their country’s need to record their heritage in an ever-changing world.
Why? See Djenne, Mali, Mankind’s Creativity, Chapter 18.
Our DNA tells us we thrive on decoration from cave to palace, even on our own bodies.
From mutilation, or makeup to costume, just to be different. Some individuals have a strong desire to dress-up to show-off, from the very poor to the so-called rich. It is an innermost greed in mankind’s religion to show-off. The good architect tries to smooth out these excesses, against the here today and gone tomorrow. And to travel the world does really broaden the mind.
A good example is the BBC’s Michael Portillo, our modern-day Bradshaw evangelist, talks about how good HE think’s something is. Positively, he meets people and places.
These are the real gems, the richness of small countries and their heritage.
My “Art & Design in Architecture: made visible”, is my journey through time as a European’s view on history. I would like to see all the corners of humanity from Africa to Asia and all countries in-between, that is someone else’s challenge. We acknowledge the good work our National Trust and English-Heritage are helping to preserve and restore the many buildings they are responsible for. We all need to solve is the ever-increasing danger to FIRE. This is in the interests of everyone to minimise accidental fire risks.