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    We have great pleasure to recommend John Price’s Images & Music, his trade name is CelticAVisions he has made a visual collection of 47 short videos with musical back songs lasting 4-8 minutes each. This is a wonderful introduction to the whole of Wales told in pictures and music, at end of each showing there are full details about location and songs played. A wonderful way to relax and enjoy.


    This is Mr Snappy`s web site he has been snapping photographs for quite some time now and decided to sell his work. He lives in Silverdale Lancashire in a beautiful part of the UK. Originally from Lichfield in Staffordshire. This is a brand new exciting digital download venture. Photograph by Geraldine Ophide.

    Adrian Hendroff – Books, Landscape Photography & Courses







    Eye in The Sky


    Christina’s Photography Group


    Didier Demaret Photographie


    A Research Guide for Students by I Lee

    A Virtual Library of Useful URLs
    Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification

    Wilkinsons Auctioneers Ltd


    With over 40 years combined experience in the antiques business,
    we can help you get the most from your sales.

    Selling information

    Bidding with Wilkinson’s? Find out more about the bidding process
    and extra services we offer.

    Buying information

    Do you have an item you think is valuable, or that you would like
    to sell? Need a valuation for your insurance?

    MumfordBooks.com is international, .co.uk is local, both are the same site. Offer Open to Associations, Societies and Worldwide Business Links – Special % Discounts for Members with Approved Links to mumfordbooks.

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    Mesothelioma.net is a unique resource center dedicated to
    providing support and the latest information discussing this rare
    disease and many other cancers.

    To protect your business and customers, learn more!

    Computer Directory

    1Abc Directory

    Bill Burns has a very interesting web site covering 29 major science based topics like:
    Atlantic Cable – the History of Undersea Communications: 1850-2012
    Babbage’s Difference Engine at the Science Museum
    http://ftldesign.com is a Design: Computer Systems & Solutions Service.

    Observer’s Pocket Books published by Frederick Warne & Co. are gems of information, beautifully illustrated and covering a great variety of topics. http://www.observermart.co.uk

    www.westdean.org.uk master classes in craftmanship, Chichester PO18 0QZ, England.A unique college that specialises in Conservation and Restoration Courses. Arts, Crafts, Music & Gardening, Books, Clocks, Ceramics, Furniture, Blacksmithing and much more at every level right up to post-graduate. Visit their site to find out more about their courses, as well as any scholarships and bursaries that may be available.

    www.stellabooks.com specialists in children’s and illustrated books. Also, railways and UK topography.

    www.chesterbookbinders.co.uk Specialist binding restoration and repair, visit website for more information and quotes.

    www.ftldesign.com “Bill Burns has an extensive set of web sites on various aspects of the history of technology; these include much original and rare material. Topics include undersea communications, electric clocks, calculating instruments and early computers, and scientific instruments.”

    smithprinting.net Smith Printing Company is a family owned and run business founded in 1998 Located in Minnesota. They provide book printing, book binding and other services to creative people all across the United States, Canada and beyond!

    Click the stations for a local map of that station. I have a (per-station) National Rail version, and a bookmarkable train times planner.

    http://www.waggonways.fsnet.co.uk The Waggonway Research Circle web-site was created to bring into the public domain various research strands currently being undertaken as personal projects by the group members individually and as collaborations. To restate the obvious the name of the Waggonway Research Circle reflects the nature of the group – a loose collection of individuals working within a loose group towards a common aim. The site will cover the Industrial Archaeology surrounding development of the early British waggonway (or wagonway)*, the reasons why it evolved and the historical figures associated with it.

    This is a free service giving another layer of protection to your computer. Designed by a bank, this service really works I can recommend it to all our customers.

    Antiques tour

    Antiques Banner

    An interactive antiques and collectibles tour of the UK. Use a powerful database search to track down special antiques, or to plan your tour of specialist dealers in your chosen region.

    Artist and Book Illustrator

    Brian Molloy – Artist and Book Illustrator
    10 Pennington Terrace
    LL22 8HN
    Tel: 01492 518065 & Mobile: 07789306047
    Email: mollbri@aol.com

    Advertising Inflatables – Advertising Inflatables, custom helium balloons and custom advertising inflatables for marketing and promotion.

    BABA (British Artist Blacksmiths Association)

    BABA Logo
    An association of artists who work in metal, craftsmanship at its best.



    One of the most comprehensive online resources relating to fine art, antiques and collectables. Search the world’s auction catalogues and dealer stock, research realised prices, access the web’s best A-Z directory of auction houses and discover a wealth of information never previously available in one place.

    British Industrialisation Series of Wallcharts still available

    D919mg1_ D109mg1

    Original Design Token Prints (1991) First Editions still available for Wall-chart Series A1
    “The World`s First”. Early Steam Locomotion, Express Passenger Train and Postal Express Service
    (also available as postcards).

    Books by Bill


    Books by Bill Publishing is looking for good novels to publish. Click on the book to go to www.booksbybill.com where your first novel is free!

    The Computer Consultancy


    Want to increase your profit margin, reduce unnecessary work, increase quality and increase your employee satisfaction ? For little or no capital outlay ? Impossible ? No it’s not. Click here to go to thecomputerconsultancy.co.uk



    Theres more to No

    rth Wales than just mountains, Celticos offers guided themed & nature walks, craft & hobby courses in Snowdonia & Anglesey. Click here to go to http://www.celticos.com

    Daid Longdon

    To promote yourself and the other members of your band lets “see them” and have clips of your songs. Seeing and hearing the action is louder than words or text in a BLOG. Lots of links to the action please, BigLoudBook

    Mountain Trips


    Mountain Trips runs a range of bespoke instructional courses in rock climbing, scrambling and mountain walking within the U.K. Each course is individually tailored for any level, allowing you to learn the skills you want to learn at your pace.


    Photography Links

    Rory Trappe http://www.caeclyd.com. View 18 galleries and 1573 images online at: http://www.pbase.com – Host and share your photos on the Internet.

    Bill Birkett, author and photographer: http://www.billbirkett.co.uk Welcome,I live amongst the fells in the English Lake District. What I get excited about is out there every time I look outside my bedroom window each morning. I love the natural landscape, wild places and in particular the mountains. To be amongst them, climb them, walk them, listen to them, with the free wind on my face and the sun on my back, to photograph and write about them is all I ever wanted. So my photography and my writing is all about a passion, a lifelong love affair, with the hills. Everything I’ve done comes from that.

    Pierino Algieri http://www.algieri-images.co.uk Pierino Algieri is a landscape / nature photographer born and raised in the picturesque Conwy Valley, Snowdonia, North Wales. He has a comprehensive library stock of images of North Wales.

    Andrew Kine http://www.imagesofsnowdonia.com Snowdonia is a place of real beauty, a land of mountains, lakes, moors, woodland and coast; a photographers dream, and still has much to discover, with many miles of footpath to explore.

    Ron and Maggie Tear http://www.ronandmaggietear.co.uk Wildlife,Landscapes, Cityscapes, Candids and a variety of other subjects. We are both very keen photographers still committed to film.

    Simon Kitchin http://www.landscapephotographyuk.com Many of my photos have been taken during my walks amongst the UK mountains and coastline, in particular the stunning Anglesey Coastal Path and the mountains of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

    Riccardo Beghini http://www.gaiavisions.net A connection with the natural world, reaching far beyond just an interest. The merging of this, with his new found realization of the ability of film to capture such light and detail, was the very inevitable progression to landscape photography.

    Dave Mills http://www.mprints.co.uk is an mechanical engineer, with a family tradition of designing and making anything mechanical.
    Put any tool, pen or camera in his hand, and he will turn any material into a finished product.
    With his camera turn any viewpoint into a picture to be proud of. Has the ability to capture natural light and paint soft pastel colours a picture with it wonderful sea and landscapes

    Charles Twist http://www.citiesandparks.com I have found photography to be a natural companion to my love of the Outdoors and to my interest in architecture. These two strands have guided my artistic development pushing me to explore and understand them more profoundly.

    Paul Sanders http://www.wilderness-wales.co.uk/info.html I’ve been walking in Wales since 1977. I took my first photographs in 1979, but didn’t get serious about landscape photography until 1985, sincewhen I’ve been building up a large collection of images of the Welsh wilderness.

    UK landscape Beautiful Britain Online

    http://www.uklandscape.net/features/snowdon.html Please keep checking our site as we are adding new features and photographers galleries daily! Also UKlandscape offers workshops
    and talks on landscape photography. Large members and Images list
    Published Interviews for Writers: We accept essays, articles and editorial work of 500 to 1000 words on any subject relating to British Landscape. Your writing can be about pretty much anything, walking a route, detailing a climb, describing a nice day in the country or a critique of book. Anything with a landscape theme. We make no charges for writers and will keep the piece on the site for three months. Want to Know more? – e-mail us….. uklandscape.net.

    Aicraft Aviation : flightglobalimages.com

    Aviation Resources : http://www.tom.pilsch.com/aviation.html

    Political Cartoon Resources: Cartoon History
    Cartoon Information

    Want to link to landscape-guides.co.uk?

    I have FREE Mapping and Route Planner Tool using Google Maps – here.

    Make your own maps add your own symbols and safety features – here
    Coming soon FREE interactive Map showing Arthur Wainwright 101 Snowdonia Master Viewpoints, featuring some of the UK’s best landscape photographs, explaining how they managed to capture each master view.

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    Want to link to mumfordebooks?

    Easy to download FREE sample PDF Ebooks for each title. Quality images can be viewed on all electronic devices

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    Want to link to seascape-guides.com?

    Seascape Ebooks many unique titles all with nautical stories to tell, from ancient beacons to Lighthouses, Coastguards, Lifeboats and Lifeguards and much more.

    Feel free to use this banner to link to us, or simply include our address on your website. If you would like your site listed on this page – please ask us and we’ll do our best to get you listed as soon as possible (subject to approval of course!).


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    Website Hosting – hostingclick.co.uk


    Hosting Click – Give yourself peace of mind, Host with Hosting Click from as little as ?.99 per month. Based in North Wales in the Conwy Valley we have been providing high quality, feature packed, low cost and novice friendly UK based web hosting services since 2002

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    <a href=”http://www.hostingclick.co.uk”><img src=”http://www.hostingclick.co.uk/banners/468_60_hostingclick_advert.gif” width=”468″ height=”60″ border=”0″></a>

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