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This Cartoon Muslim or Christian and Refugee

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    This Cartoon “Muslim or Christian and Refugee: Redemption Shadow on Wall, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew”, MUMNo.19 is based on a “Judge Cartoon”, “ANARCHISTS SOCIALISTS DYNAMITERS TAKE WARNING THE SHADOW ON THE WALL GALLOWS, 1887.” I have added three modern refugee immigrants, an African Abdul muhyi, giver of life. An Arab woman, Aasia Hope, Man and Child Al siddiq, The Truth, Syrian Refugees, Un-controlled Immigration, Good and Bad, right and wrong, repentance of sins. Christian Bible, Quran Islam, a just society, proper human conduct, and an equitable economic system. The hangman’s scaffold is a warning would-be to terrorists, the Rio de Janeiro Giant Jesus Statue, is the healing hope of a better world to come, so we come to a more peaceful place for all.

    By building on my experiences as a refugee I can bookend a life of homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction. My road to redemption started with rebellion, ended in repentance and forgiveness, and resulted in increased wisdom and spiritual maturity. By receiving help and charity, gives the refugee a second chance to prove, there is a new life. Advice from an older person, integrate with the best practices, people and customs in your new cultural society, embrace your new world, eyes heart wide open.


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