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New eBook Face to Face Series: Animal Sketching Examples

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    Within the next few weeks I will be publishing a New eBook Series Face to Face.

    Each part is presented with many sample images from the first antique wood-cut, hand-coloured prints to copper and steel book illustrated plates. Each image demonstrates the artist skill in capturing a moment of time from the animal, vegetable and mineral world that surrounds us all.

    Animal Sketching Examples, Part 1.

    Architectural History Examples, Part 2.

    Cartoons, Social & Political Part 3.

    Children & Family Sketching, Part 4.

    Drawing & Sketching Body-Parts, Part 5.

    Face to Face Portrait Sketching, Part 6.

    Graphic & Illustrated, Part 7.

    Industrial Sketching & Drawing, Part 8.

    Landscape & Nature Sketching, Part 9.

    Military History Sketching Part 10.

    Native American Sketching Part 11.

    Still Life Sketching Part 12.

    Whole Body Sketching & Drawing, Part 13

    Products Coming Soon

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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