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FREE DOWNLOAD – MUM24 Fire Engine Political Cartoon Airport Fire Engines could b

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    MUM24 Fire Engine Political Cartoon Airport Fire Engines could be modified with large tanks and high-mobility vehicles specially designed for cross-country. This can be added to Australia’s Fire Safety Policy and our World free Trade Agreement.Over 60 years ago Australian Bush Trees were saplings, now they “BURN” uncontrolled.

    Here in Britain 60 years ago we have our “Merryweather Fire Engine”, TRUE.

    The last Dennis Fire Engine was built 2007. Alexander Dennis, is a British bus building company today. Try the modern “Scania”, Fire Engines for Fire and Rescue Operations.

    It can be customised to your latest specifications, made larger and adaptable.

    Britain’s New World free trade agreements aim to boost trade, from 20 to 200.

    The aim is to have New free World Trade Agreements in months rather than years.

    We have the skills and knowledge to supply British Made Goods, made to higher than EU standards. The Australian Fire Service may wish to use Airport Style Fire Engines modified large tanks high-mobility vehicles specially designed 6 or 8 wheel-drive for cross-country operations in very rough terrain, made with Pride in Great Britain/UK.


    FREE Download here

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