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Easy Draw Route Map Planner

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    Please note that our easy draw “Route Map Planner” works best in
    Firefox and Chrome browsers (all features). Our thanks to Google
    Maps for providing global post code maps. Our example is LL55 4TY
    The National Slate Museum, Wales UK.
    Using mouse click on chosen starting point, follow suitable path,
    track or road. Each time you chick your mouse will add a red line
    linking to each other.
    While tracing your route at intervals you can add Route- and
    Place-Markers, including Safety Markers, just click and drag.
    sample map shows Llanberis and Padarn Pathway Heritage Route
    Marker and automatic Distance Gauge & Height Graph.
    With Easy-Mapping, Naming, Printing A4. You can pre-plan your trip having first
    studied your location points of interest, not to miss any along
    the way.
    All Planned Routes automatically Grade Length & Suitability into
    their Pathway and Heritage Maps.

    Teach yourself to make Heritage Maps, you can plan safe routes
    interesting places to visit and enjoy. New Visitors can Watch
    YouTube Instructional Video, see below.
    Our thanks to Google Maps for providing us with this Map
    To find Zoom Map Address Worldwide – just add your ZoomPostcode:

    By using Google Maps Search: Place Name or Post Code for Zoom Map
    and lots more including local information given by Google.

    Easyway to make Pathway Maps, just trace pathways shown on
    Press (Satellite) imagery button, zoom to 100 ft. and wait for
    date and map to generate. Now you can see everything clearly.
    Select your choice of marker, you can pick-and-mix along route,
    including Safety Markers.

    Visit our Route Planner here

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