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Eagle PDF Stories “The Happy Warrior” Winston Churchill

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    Eagle was founded by John Marcus Harston Morris (1915–1989).
    Dan Dare spacemen adventures to Harris Tweed Extra Special Agent, it has lots of comic strips, tips on sports like boxing, cricket and swimming, to tips about animal pets. On back-page of the Eagle there is an ambitious series chronicling the lives of famous men from history:
    Road of Courage Story of Jesus, Youngest Disciple St. Mark, Shepherd King St. David, Great Adventurer St. Paul, Heros the Spartan Roman History, Alfred the Great, Man of Courage St. Vincent de Paul, Louis the Fearless French King, Great Sailor Horatio Nelson, Lincoln of America, Baden Powell Scouting Story and Deep Sea Doctor Wilfred Grenfell.
    Everything is now instant, real or false news, stand-up-food, carbon-neutral transport and digital lives we have to conform to.

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