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DOWNLOAD : Cartoon No.16 Future for World Peace

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    This cartoon comprises of two Law & Order (Past & Present) statues, the third Britannia statue representing the Future for World Peace Keeping and Free World Trade.

    This Political Cartoon is a serious attempt to understand how Parliament and Crown enacts the Law, from the 1215 Magna Carta, 1689 Bill of Rights, 1947 United Nations Commission for Europe, European Communities Act, 1975 Common Market, 1989 Human Rights Act (EU Enforceable), 1989 – 2016 Hillsborough, 2016 EU Referendum, to come: the 1st British Constitution (New Referendum).

    Hillsborough’s working men and women have proved the PRESS, POLICE & POLITICIANS do make mistakes. Look for the long term, vote to LEAVE the EU.

    There has to be controls and a stop to Civil Wars, how can this be done, by the United Nations Amy on the ground. the bombing of civilians just adds to the problems. The rule of Law and Order has to start with politicians working hard to solve the mess they have created.

    The British people are proud of queuing for what they want. Here are three good reasons to LEAVE Europe. Sterling will continue to rise in value, GB values its own Law Makers, last but not lease, FULL control on immigration. For further details about this cartoon series, go to https://plus.google.com/+MikeMumford4books enjoy, not getting in-line.

    Constitution (New Referendum). GB Sovereignty is important, use your Referendum, VOTE wisely on 23rd June 2016.

    I. I have also included a major public triumph “The People vs the Establishments of Police & State”, 1989 – 2016 Hillsborough, a fine example of the pursuit of Justice, and Trial by Jury.

    II. The UK – EU Referendum to retain UK Parliament and the Crown, right to Enact the LAW, the people must VOTE to LEAVE the EU, otherwise we become an EU Federal State.

    III. In the near future the Government should have a completed British Constitution, followed by a new Referendum.

    IV. There are now 16 Political Cartoons in this series, for more information go to Cartoon no 16 here

    Cartoon 16

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