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Cannon and Explosives Illustrated PDF e-Book download

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    Cannon and Explosives Illustrated

    Cannon Design Illustrated e-Book

    My eBook “Cannon & Explosives” Each of the 10 chapters is easy to download, giving first-hand knowledge of over 1000’s of hours can be downloaded to your computer within minutes. The whole world is full of books, prints and paintings many are left untouched gathering dust in museum archives, some may appear on web sites, or specialist forums.
    • This eBook has 90% original illustrations are mostly copyright free
    • Many old prints are from the author’s own collection
    • Permission and Fees have been paid for artist’s work

    19th Century was a Time of British Political Change in Naval Power, new industries in Steam, Iron and steel. The manufacturing of Cannon in large quantities for Wellington Army in Spain and France up to 1815. The British Navy required many Carronade a short barrel cannon used on most ships up to this time. The Crimean War 1854-6, The American Civil War 1861-1865, kept the Royal Arsenal Woolwich Manufacture and Testing was busy until its closure in 1994. Completed guns could then be taken through what is now Dial Arch into a complex known as the ‘Great Pile of buildings’ (built 1717-20) to be finished and stored. Behind the surviving frontage and archway was a small courtyard in which the newly forged guns were turned, washed and engraved; beyond which two large gun-carriage storehouses stood (one for the Navy, one for the Army) at either end of a larger quadrangle, with workshops alongside.

    A good example is James Sharples (1825-1892): Ironworker and Artist began painting “The Forge” 9 of 13 in 1844. However, it took three years to complete, because he was still working long hours at the foundry. The Forge depicts, in Sharples’ own words, the interior of a large workshop such as I have been accustomed to work in?
    The painting shows a group of workers directing a large iron shaft into the blazing furnace, which is attended by a smithy, whilst other operations are being carried out in the distance. The details of the painting, such as the unlit interior, the heat of the furnace, the hard-manual labour required and the soiled appearance of the workers. “The Forge“can be seen as a shockingly matter-of-fact depiction of life within a foundry.

    Cannon & Explosives shows the Carron Iron Works, Stirlingshire started in 1756 to manufacture cannons, 200 years later they cast Post Pillar-Boxes. The Crimean War saw the first use of nursing, volunteer nurses like Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. This war saw the first use of Army Postal Service, photography, telegraph and international money order service, ambulance, railway and newspapermen. Within 6 years all this technology will be used in the American Civil War.

    More interesting facts: The Gun Barrel on the early cannons was made of wrought iron in strips at white heat were welded together and bound with iron hoops holding everything together (as in the making of a Wine Barrel).

    Royalty have a gun salute 7x a signal of 7 blanks to show your intension was peaceful.
    The firing of a noon-day gun or cannon, still used in some places today. Steams’ from a time when mechanical clocks needed to be adjusted to a correct time.
    The making of explosives for personal use, is illegal to manufacture explosives without a license.


    1.3 Cannon & Explosives Introduction

    2.8 Gun and Cannon Design C14th to C19th

    3.7 Early Training Ships & Royal Navy Schools

    4.13 Manufacturing Bronze & Iron Techniques from both North and South Wales, Iron Bridge Telford and Carron Iron Works Stirlingshire, Scotland

    5.17 Old and New World Wars, Countries and States still using old horse-power, early samples of new technologies being used for the first time like: Photography, Telegraph, Newspaper and Medical treatments and Ambulances

    6.4 Land and Naval Cannon, Fortifications of Forts, many finds Worldwide in Europe and America

    7.10 La Belle the Restoration and Preservation, Ship Wrecks Navigation and Time calibration using Noonday Guns

    8.18 Gun and Cannon used in the American Civil War

    9.9 Safe Manufacture and Testing of Explosives for Industry. Personal Safety, it is illegal to manufacture explosives without a license

    10.10 Additional Information, Web Links, Adverts: Downloads

    Over 400 thumbnail images, 104 pages fully interactive

    Visual Index 1.1 eHistory GB Series PP Educational Pages £5 Full Download

    Published by MumfordBooks-Guides.com

    35 Page PP Free Sample for you to enjoy.

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