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Mumfordbooks is a family of 4 linked web sites, each has their unique category, some are shared.

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Easy Download eBooks, Knowledge from the Past-Presented at the Speed of Light. Free sample downloads of our own special ebook Publications.
Free Book Searches and Valuation Services, web site only. Education for the whole family.
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UK’s leading independent Family owned e-Bookstore with Quick, Safe
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We Buy and Sell Old Books; Images for the Whole Family. We have our own special eBook Publications. Fast on-line, free samples and whole Downloads.

A wide range of non-fiction Old Books, Prints & Photographs, Rare Old Unique Items, Book Searches, and Valuation Services, web site only.


Here at Mumfordbooks “Our Images say More with Less”.

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All Rights Reserved Copyright Mike Mumford

We collect our images from resources displayed on the World-Wide-Web by individual people to Corporate Companies. There are many copyright free images, due to their age and public exposure, we can freely use today. We respect valid copyrights held by their author or near relative. Many of our institutions, public and private, hang on to unpublished work long after the copyright has expired, hoping to make large fees just for their storage. All items given “in perpetuity”, are granted without time limits. By just storing in archives, they under-use these valuable public assets, leaving articles undiscovered for decades, denying resources to authors and publishers alike. The good news is they are at last cataloguing their stock, making digital records and allowing the public real access. This gives researchers, authors and publishers greater access, by lowering their fee to publish. In return each archive has a free hyperlink and mini advert to promote their resources. With greater public awareness, the old skills and knowledge are used to educate “fair use” to the next generation, as they will need all the help we give them.Michael Robert Mumford 10th March 2013

Learn to Share our Knowledge with others, give your support to web sites like: https://en.wikipedia.org


Download E-books/Apps – Knowledge from the Past – Presented at the Speed of Light Copyright is there to protect the originator or author’s property in a public domain place. Like any property they are allowed to use it for themselves financially and for their family’s benefit. All authors and publishers wish to share their skills with the public, and profit from their labours for a fair day’s pay. It takes years of research to get an insight into history and repackage the same, with an up to date understanding. Mumfordbooks watermark our images, with added Adobe protection, and give each downloadable eBook an ISBN and Digital Certificate. Each 1st edition (1.1) download will have updates in later editions. Because each download is digital, you can use them on your own computer, laptop, pc-pad or smartphone. Just remember all digital eBooks are for your own use only, as the customer copyright is shared between you and Mumfordbooks. Fair Use Rules in obtaining copyright permissions:

1 Determine if permission is needed 2 Identify the owner 3 Identify the rights needed

4 Contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required 5 Get your permission agreement in writing. 6 Non-exclusive, the same image can be used by others 7 Start collecting permissions asp.

8 Educational, low commercial value. 9 Before1923 in Public Domain 10 Copyright flowcharts. https://www.mumfordbooks-guides.com/terms.asp


Welcome MumfordBooks & Guides partnership , established October 1999. I have built up the family business with my wife Karin running the sales office and all important postal arrangements . Since 1980 she produced one-off high fired porcelain and has exhibited widely.

My name is Mike Mumford, and I have been teaching Engineering to students all my adult life. Retirement came in 2005. Now is my time to be self-employed and make mumfordbooks web site more efficient. Working in a College has given me a strong base to launch out and use my creative skills. For the last thirty years we have built up a ceramics business. I designed and made a full range of domestic stoneware, to unique historical terracotta wall-plaques, based on token coinage to wax seals. History and the pursuit of knowledge are two of my great passions. I have always been a practical person. My enthusiasm for history grew out of seeing and appreciating great feats of Engineering craftsmanship surrounding me here in North Wales , with every type of road-bridge to medieval tower blocks called Castles. 1991 lead me into publishing two wall-charts on early transport and a set of four postcards on postal history.

My first edited book, ” Caernarfon, the Millennium Town “, celebrates 2000 years of local history, now out-of-print. This book is now serialized free as an E-book, only on this website. In 2008 we will be publishing a new series of E-books entitled Landscape Guides, everything you could discover when out walking in North Wales. How Industrial Archaeology shaped our landscape, sharing with wild nature from mountain top to sea level. This book will be your personnel guide showing you where to walk and understand interesting relics surviving from the past. Of interest to anyone who likes to get outdoors, adds a new purpose in walking from A to B. The old road, track or pathway, was originally there for a reason. Reading this book will help to explain how and why each came to be made, and how old it may be.

Our Business Aims for the future: to look for ways to improve the smooth running of my cyberspace bookstore, a very mobile library of choice quality items. We buy and sell books and prints from all over the world. I hope to increase the use of commercial digital images for down-loading for a small fee. We have free images for personal use. These will add to the many books and new categories our customers have to choose from. My commercial valuations are measured by demand, market price, quality, rarity and knowledge, using my own working experience to make a valid judgment of intrinsic value, not inflated by fashion or hyped-up-price. Hunting and pursuit of quality books to finally purchasing a hard-to-find book gives immense pleasure in building one’s own library of specialist books.

We all have a duty to enlighten and educate the accumulation of all that is best. The key is to unlock their true value as a source of knowledge. People all over the world for centuries have shown us what has endured over time. We can find and research these building-blocks and then re-assemble the pieces into a refined progression of understanding. The theory and examples of past achievements are now just a computer-mouse away, a world collection of E-books on everyone’s computer screen.

Reading quality books gives us all lasting pleasure, so generously given to us by their authors. Generations have given collective insights of wisdom, joy and pleasure to provoke our thoughts. At mumfordbooks.com our aim is to give everyone the highest quality Books, Prints and Images, by carefully producing one of the best selections of online books for the whole family book catalogues you’ll find anywhere on the Internet.

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